In Bremen we enjoy and utilize all the benefits and opportunities of a major trading center and port city.
For international trade Bremen plays a key role since centuries. Already in the late Middle Ages Bremen was one of the most important Hanseatic trade and port cities. Still today major shipping companies serve the whole world from Bremen and Bremerhaven.
Bremen Airport has direct services to London, Paris, Zurich, Copenhagen, Vienna and Frankfurt. Very good connections to several motorways provide fast shipments from all over Europe. A significant part of the European container traffic is handled in Bremerhaven.
Rolandtecnic ITC maintains several warehouses in the free port of Bremen where shipments are consolidated, checked, packed and stored duty free. Our office is centrally located in the city center close to all important government offices, banks, shipping lines, freight forwarders and service companies

Thanks to this environment, our location offers the best conditions to work cheaply, quickly and efficiently.

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